Los Angeles, California

October 11th - 13th 2016

Hotel Amarano Burbank

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to take your foresight, innovation and strategic design efforts to the next level and seize the future.

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Learn how to apply foresight to everyday challenges and build deep, meaningful action and value. Make this worthwhile investment in your personal and professional development. Roll up your sleeves and build a pathway to a better future.

Learning Objectives

  • Integrate our foresight framework into your life, business and organization.
  • Identify emerging trends and weak signals on the horizon.
  • Build “maps of the future” that generate successful strategies, actions and organizational narratives.
  • Tap into the values and bedrock stories that lead to the discovery of counter trends and next-order possibilities.
  • Harness the future to make better decisions today.

Day 1: Sense

  • Flipped Trend Keynote
  • iSee Game
  • Ladder of Inference
  • Intro to Strategic Foresight
  • Intro to Environmental Scanning
  • Slide Share Improv
  • TFS Project Research Brief

Day 2: Mesh

  • Causal Layered Analysis
  • Creating an Environmental Scanning System
  • Trend Cards
  • From Patterns to Clusters to Themes
  • Speed Futuring
  • Futures Wheels
  • Intro to Scenario Development

Day 3: Transform

  • Headlines from the Future
  • Scenario Fields
  • Strategic Designs
  • Scenario Finalization
  • Scenario Report Outs
  • Reflections: Learn, Unlearn, Relearn



Frank W. Spencer IV

Principal, Kedge

M.A. Strategic Foresight, Regent University
B.A. Sociology, Armstrong Atlantic State University

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Yvette Montero Salvatico

Principal, Kedge

M.B.A., University of Florida
B.S. Finance, University of Florida

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Alex Hagan

Founder & CEO, Kienco

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